• Emelia P.

Meet Emelia

I am a New York-based event planner that has a passion for beautiful designs. Being born as a creative person has made me have a keen eye for beauty and elegance. I started my career in event planning back in 2013 and I have earned experience throughout volunteering opportunities for event planners and other professionals in the industry. I have also taken courses in event planning to prepare for the process of detailed events. Throughout all those experiences I have earned a true understanding and knowledge, that now allows me to create customized events. Also during the years that I have assisted others, I have developed a passion for florals and customer satisfaction.

We all have a goal to live up to our dreams, mine began on my 20's and it is now more than a passion. Sun & Moon came to me as the name for my company because of the commitment that events must be alive being day or being night. I founded Sun & Moon back in 2015 and I love the idea of bringing someone's dreams a reality through a decoration. I am living the life that I love. Being able to use my skills, knowledge, commitment, and talent to create something beautiful for others is more than what I dream of.

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